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Arthur Capaldi

Arthur G. Capaldi

Arthur G. Capaldi was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1942. Along with his sister and brother, he was raised by two large Italian families totaling twenty aunts, uncles and many cousins. His interest in history was sparked at a very early age. While his father, Arthur W. Capaldi, was working during the war years at Los Alamos as a toolmaker on the Manhattan Project, he lived with his grandparents, Angelina and Carmino Amore. They had five sons serving in every branch of the service during WWII. He remembers his mother, Phyllis, praying for each of her brothers who were fighting in Europe and the pacific.

All her brothers returned home from the war, and Arthur became extra close with Joseph Amore, who served with the 82nd Airborne and saw action in France on D-Day in Holland and Germany. It was Uncle Joe’s war mementoes that ignited in him at the early age of ten an interest in history. He had a desire to know more about what Uncle Joe and his other uncles did during that war. At twelve years old, he read his first history book “The Great Heart”, the life of Theodore Roosevelt, and from there forward, he never stopped reading history. His main focus was always on WWII.

Arthur graduated from Providence College and majored in Political Science and History. After College he graduated from Suffolk University Law School and received his law degree in 1968. He has practiced law in Coventry, Rhode Island for over 40 years, and is proud to be a “country” lawyer. In 1990, he was appointed Municipal Court Judge in the Town of Coventry, R.I. and still holds that position today. He also has been a hearing officer for special education cases for over twenty-five years. His writing experience has been primarily legal, having written hundreds of decisions for his court and for Special Education matters.

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